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Just wanted to share Mollumclear is AMAZING!! One month and almost clear. Look at the results- 1 month difference after using day and night. Excuse the eczema that’s another hurdle we face


"She doesn't feel like she has them anymore!!!"

 "I do want to report that they are all dying nicely and my daughter said tonight it feels like she doesn’t have them anymore! They are still slightly visible but they don’t hurt. Am very grateful to u as I truly believe this remedy works."

G. Day

Amazed at how fast it worked!

I used your product on both my kids and absolutely amazed with how fast it worked!! They are both bump free now!!!

Here's some before and after photos

Improved within 2 weeks

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such an amazing product! My toddler's torso was covered and as you can see from the photos, it greatly improved with 2 weeks use of this oil applied twice daily. So happy 😊

G. Fish

"We were super skeptical"

I was super skeptical anything was going to work after trying multiple things so super stoked something is finally happening!"

C. Corbett

" So glad something is working"

"All the spots on her neck are near gone. The ones on her side are almost flat and they were so large like little warts almost. So glad we have something working "

A. Dyer

" and her intuition was her favourite superpower... "

Dealing with Molluscum? We get it!

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